Application sectors

Machine vision is the key to process optimisation in numerous application sectors

Traditionally, we carry out automated inspection systems for industrial companies in different application sectors:

  • Automotive auxiliary industry (special machine builders, automation and robotic companies, automotive component manufacturers)
  • Metal-Decolletage
  • Manufacturers of white goods components, home comfort and electronics
  • Iron and steel industry and manufacturing plants

We also study projects to develop machine vision solutions in other application sectors:

  • Health: laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturing.
  • Infrastructures that require imaging processing for public health and safety compliance.
  • Logistics centres: warehousing, processing, packaging.

Machine vision is a key technology in any production process whose quality standards have become more stringent or need an automation project to speed up production times.

If you want to know more about machine vision solutions for your project or company. We offer you advice without any obligation.