360º thread control

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SMV Software Demo for Machine Vision Systems

In the following video you can see an example of our software tool for 360º thread control. It is a demo for thread quality control, made with our software for machine vision systems.

The piece is captured in rotation at high speed, obtaining images in the 360º. With a brief profile training, intuitive and achievable by a non-expert user, the algorithm is able to adjust precisely by absorbing positioning differences.

Similar to a pass/fail limit gauge, the algorithm detects any defects in a way that compromises the functionality of the part.

Our technological machine vision software is customized to efficiently solve all the needs of our client and his project. Centralized under the same interface, friendly and intuitive, it provides control of all the devices in the line.

Solid Machine Vision, is a member of the Certified Integration Partner program of MVTec, which certifies us as quality suppliers in the integration of software for machine vision systems.