Machine Vision for Industry 4.0

Fiabilidad en entornos industriales difíciles

Machine vision is a key technology for in Industry 4.0 when it comes to carrying out an industrial digitalization strategy. It represents the evolution in manufacturing processes, thanks to new digital technologies. The machine vision for Industry 4.0, provides an improvement in the efficiency of the industrial sector, giving companies more competitiveness.

In recent years, machine vision has experienced a significant increase in the quality and performance of the available technology. Offering functionalities, even more advanced, for quality control systems, defects inspection, assembly verification, traceability, metrology, code reading and data matrix, robot guidance and bin picking.

The role of machine vision currently, is not only for inspection of a product or process, handling or assembly of objects. Machine vision, thanks to the integration of powerful hardware and software, can provide data and statistics to improve and control the entire manufacturing process.

Solid Machine Vision develops customised and highly specialised software, for machine vision projects that require industrial traceability, collection and data storage, and MES integration architecture or customer’s ERP system.

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